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At Barre None we are dedicated to the health and saftey our students and staff. Please read our 2023 Saftey Plan. Above all else the saftey of our dancers is our number one priorty. 

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BN Student Policies

 • For the safety of our students, Barre None reserves the right to decide which class level is best suitable for each child.


  • No gum in the studio.


  • Cell phones are NOT permitted during class. They must be left in the foyer OR in the designated area in the studio.


   No horseplay anywhere in the studio.


• No food and drinks in the dance studio.  Plastic bottles of water may be kept in the studio during your  class. Please be sure that the lid is tightly secured.  Please do not leave your water bottles in the classroom. When you are done class, please take them with you.

• Anyone found defacing the property and/or campus in anyway will be dismissed from the studio and will pay the full cost of the damage.

• No street shoes are allowed in the dance studio and must be removed at the front entrance.
• Classes missed by students are non-refundable and cannot be made up.

• The studio is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.  Please leave your valuables at home.

• Spectators are not allowed in class due to the size of the studio and it is distracting for the students (with the exception to parent viewing weeks).

• For safety reasons, no jewellery may be worn in class.  Please leave all jewellery at home.

• Label all clothing and dance shoes with your name.


• Students that miss dress rehearsal will not be permitted to performing in the recital.






BN Dance Attire

It is important that students come to class dressed in the proper dance attire, so that bodylines are clearly visible to the teachers. This is necessary for proper instruction. Students who do not come prepared for class will be asked to sit out.




First Step Ballet

Hair: Up off the face if possible

Leotard: Pink

Tights: Ballet pink or bare legs

Shoes: Pink leather or canvas

Tutus welcome!


Ballet 1 - 2

Hair: Proper ballet bun

Leotard: Pink or Black- any sleeve length

Tights: Ballet Pink

Shoes: Pink leather or canvas

Ballet wrap skirts allowed


Teen Ballet 3

Hair: Proper ballet bun

Leotard: black - any sleeve length

Tights: Ballet Pink

Shoes: Pink leather or canvas

Ballet wrap skirts or fitted shorts allowed


Boys All Levels

Plain fitted t-shirt (tucked in)

Black straight legged dance pants or shorts

Black leather or canvas ballet slippers



All levels

Hair: Must be up off the face

Top: Bodysuit, fitted tank top or shirt

Bottoms: Fitted dance pants, shorts or leggings.

Baggy sweatpants are NOT allowed (unless in Hip Hop).


Shoes - Jazz & Musical Theatre: Black jazz shoes. Full or split soles allowed.

Shoes - Tap: Black leather lace up tap shoes. Mary-Jane style allowed for younger tappers.

Shoes - Contemporary & Technique: Bare feet, half-soles or foot undies.

Shoes - Hip Hop: Clean sneakers.





Students are responsible for all costume expenses throughout the dance year. We work very hard to keep a reasonable price for our costumes. However, please be advised that Ballet & Jazz costumes will be more expensive than other styles since these costumes are almost always custom made and cannot be purchased at a local store.

BN Parent Policies

 Please call the studio if your child will be missing his or her class.

• Please make every effort to have your children arrive to class on time.  We understand that everyone has a schedule, please respect ours.

• Parents are NOT allowed to wait or watch within the studio due to the size of the studio and it is distracting for the students. There will be a 'Watching Week' scheduled.

• Please be sure to pick up students promptly after class.  If it is the last class of the day, everyone, including the instructor, will want to get home on time.  Please do not make them have to “baby-sit” students after class.

• BARRE NONE reserves the right to cancel any classes due to insufficient registration 5 student minimum).

• Teachers and schedules are subject to change without notice.

• If SD 79 cancels classes due to extreme weather or power failure, all dances classes will also be canceled. Classes cancelled due to weather or power failure will not be rescheduled.

• BARRE NONE reserves the right to terminate or refuse service to any student or parent displaying disrespect towards the studio or the staff.


BARRE NONE ~ We are more than just a dance studio. We are a dance family!                 

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